My State Fixie

My State Fixie

I bought this for $90, and pretty much had to replace EVERYTHING.

The stock wheels were faded from the AZ sun, they were once black, now they're faded copper colored.


The headset had bearings that were set upside-down, and ridden for who-know-how long, so I bought a sealed cartridge version and replaced the bad bearings

The stock cranks were square taper, and loose, and still ridden. They could not be tightened down anymore, so I swapped an old 105 crankset I had, and I replaced the chainring with something I found on Amazon...

The stock bar/stem combo was like the wheels, so I replaced them with carbon bullhorns and carbon stem

The frame is cro-mo, and the fork is carbon. The paint job, not sure about, but it's spray paint, but it looks really cool to me.